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Stamped Arm Structure Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015470D
Original Publication Date: 2002-May-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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This invention pertains to a design of an actuator arm with stamped and stacked arms. In such a design, the arms are formed by stamping with a common die and stacked together appropriately. The invention describes that the stamping direction of the arms and the direction of the swaging at HSA process be in opposing directions for better stability of the swage process. This invention solves the problem of uneven mount plate distortion at swage. Usually, gram load and swage torque difference is seen on the up facing and down facing heads. This is due to the asymmetry of the swage process when the ball is passed through in one direction. By placing the die roll on the tension side of the mount plate attachment surface, excessive interference is avoided. On the compression side, the mount plate boss is pulled more by the ball, thus more interference is required. The sharp edge on the burr side provides more interference. A better balance is achieved for gram load and swage pretension torque. Conventionally, optimizing the spacer thickness in the swage tool was the only means for getting better gram load and swage torque. This has not been as successful and always had an UP/DOWN effect on the gram load and swage torque. This invented method is a more effective and low-cost solution in a stamped arm design. D ie ro ll R red u ces rad ial in terferen ce