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Internal Data Redundancy/Backup Under Environmental Control Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015480D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jun-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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We disclose a scheme in which a PC has a redundant data-storage device (ie. hard disk), but limits use of this device to time periods when the environment is determined to be non-stressful. Figure 1 describes the primary embodiment. The PC includes both a primary and a secondary hardfile, and a means for data backup and/or synchronization from the primary to the secondary hardfile. The PC also includes various means of determining environmental conditions (such means may include temperature sensor(s), motion sensor(s), microphone(s), camera(s) or other mechanisms that sense the environment the system is currently in as well as internal monitoring of user input and mechanical condition [unit opened or closed]). In normal operation, data is written to and read from the primary hardfile only. The secondary hardfile is kept in a "safe" mode (no power applied, heads parked, disk stationary). At a subsequent time, the PC may analyze environmental conditions and determine whether it is appropriate to backup any changed data to the secondary hardfile. If the PC determines that the system is in active use, is moving, or is currently in an extreme temperature environment, the backup may be deferred and the secondary hardfile kept in safe mode. However, if the PC determines that the system is not being used, is not moving and is in a normal temperature environment, it may energize the secondary hardfile and transfer data as appropriate to keep the backup accurate. FIGURE 1: 1