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Interleaved Memory Identification By Color Coding Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015481D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Feb-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Disclosed is a system whereby, color coding provides identification for the correct installation of interleaved memory on system boards. Color coding will not only identify corresponding connectors, but will also identify hot pluggable memory locations. Present system design does not provide an easy method for customers to understand or install RDRAM architecture memory. Traditionally, memory installation information has been provided in system manuals or labeling on the equipment cover. These documents are easily misplaced or typically not read, and may result in customer support calls to the helpcenter. Pentium 4 motherboards use dual channel RDRAM that must be installed using paired memory slots. The RAM on each channel must be installed as a pair of memory DIMMS, so although there are 4 memory slots, it would appear as having only two. This memory architecture also requires the use of memory terminators(CRIMM's). These CRIMM's are installed in pairs to terminate a memory channel. The only way to increase the amount of memory involves removing some of the existing RAM or CRIMM's. When faced with a memory board with multiple connectors, identifying the paired connectors can be cumbersome. The following paragraph will describe a method that will make identifying paired memory channel connectors simple. The color coding scheme provides immediate and easy identification to the customer for installation and upgrading memory in a correct and proper order. A system that supports 4 way interleaved or a large number of memory DIMMs could especially benifit from this process. The connector levers will be colored using the following schemes: Pair 1 blue Pair 2 green Pair 3- black Pair 4 white