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Rh as a spacer layer in CPP structures Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015498D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jan-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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We disclose the use of rhodium thin film as a spacer layer between the shields and the CPP sensor (For example, CPP GMR or Tunnel Valve). The structure is as follows: S1/Rh/NiFe/PtMn/CoFe/Ru/CoFe/AlOx/CoFe/NiFe/Rh/CoFe/PtMn/Rh/S2. The "Rh" metal layers next to S1/S2 shields are leads for carrying current. The "Rh" metal layer between the NiFe and CoFe layers is the spacer layer. The PtMn next to S2 is set so that the CoFe under has magnetization pinned parallel to the air bearing surface to provide longitudinal stabilization to the free layer, the CoFe/NiFe composite between the barrier (AlOx) and (Rh) spacer layers. Rh is a FCC metal, high corrosion resistance, less affinity for oxygen, less reaction to antiferromagnetic metal (PtMn). In view of these properties, it is an excellent candidate for spacer metal. 1