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Method to Enable an Existing SNMP Agent as an SNMP SubAgent Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015501D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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A method that enables an existing SNMP agent without modification, to run as an SNMP subagent is disclosed. It is described here with primary focus on portable Java SNMP agents, but is not limited to or dependent on Java. This disclosure describes a small C language plug-in that sits between the native subagent interface and a portable Java SNMP agent. The native plug-in satisfies the requirements of the platform's C language subagent interface. And it interfaces with a Java SNMP agent that does not even have to be aware it is being used as a subagent. A portion of this plug-in must be different for each integration mechanism. This plug-in acts as an intermediary between the OS' native SNMP agent and a portable Java SNMP agent. The only requirement on the Java SNMP agent, is that it simply must allow which ports it uses to be configurable. Then it can operate in standalone mode if the OS does not provide a native SNMP agent, or as an SNMP subagent, when it does. The native plug-in communicates to the OS' SNMP agent using the subagent interface of the platform, and in turn converts these requests into normal SNMP requests for a portable Java SNMP agent and vice-versa). This plug-in integrates the portable Java SNMP agent to the native platform agent, thus enabling it as a 'subagent', as shown in Figure 1. SNMP