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Pump Pressure Relief Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015503D
Publication Date: 2003-Jun-20

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Over the last several years we have seen an increasing number of pump diffuser implosions. This is caused by a significant amount of pressure becoming trapped between the housing bore and diffuser OD. Most of the diffuser implosions probably occurred during the pulling of the unit from the well (rapid decompression). This affects part reclaim somewhat but more importantly, customer perception of Centrilift products is degraded. This invention utilizes a pressure relief device (relief valve, rupture disc, weep hole, etc) in conjunction with no o-rings on the diffuser OD to vent any excess pressure back into the flow area of the pump. It is desired to make the disclosure broad enough to cover various combinations of this idea (types of pressure relief methods as well as locations of the device throughout the pump). The most probable preferred method (at this time) uses a stocked check valve that could be put into an adapter piece between the compression tube and the upper most diffuser. Because the diffuser implosions have occurred at various locations throughout the pump, an additional device at the bottom of the pump may be an appropriate choice. In order to make this concept successful, no diffuser o-rings should be used between pressure relief devices (need pressure conduit between relief devices).