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A Method of Providing "Country Keyboard" Support, used by IBM TouchBoardTM, a Softkeyboard Application Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015511D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jun-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Description: Disclosed is how the IBM TouchBoard* application, a softkeyboard, provides "Country Keyboard" support. This application was included with IBM ThinkPad* TransNote* systems. Since TransNote would be sold in many different Countries, a good method was needed to develop and support many different native softkeyboards. Using scan codes within configuration layout files provided a way to support 25+ native keyboards with no impact to the code. This greatly reduced both development and support time. Background information and the Problem: The TransNote product was a new concept in mobile computing. It consisted of a PC and InkPad Digitizer in a leathery fanfold case. It is equipped with a LCD TouchScreen Display. This display can be folded to cover the system (hardware) keyboard. The user can just touch the touchscreen display to navigate around, instead of a Mouse. To enter text however, users still need a keyboard of some sort; This is why TouchBoard, an onscreen softkeyboard application, was developed.