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ARO System For ARC (Asset Recovery Center) Operations for World Wide use Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015512D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jan-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20
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The purpose of this Database is to provide a World Wide system to those having approved access to view part number information. The information provided is a cross reference between the Engineering p/n and CSP p/n or a vendor p/n to the CSP p/n to allow all people involved with a project to manipulate data. Some people may require the engineering p/n, while others use the CSP or Vendor p/n, while others require all the information. This system also provides test information, pictures, etc.

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ARO System For ARC (Asset Recovery Center) Operations for World Wide use

  The present invention (ARO Database) is a Lotus Notes based system that provides information to numerous sites both domestically and world wide; this information comprises of a cross reference field that provides both the FRU p/n and various CSP p/n's,etc. The database also contains COO (country of origin) information, test/no test fields, ZNUM (site repair identifier), responsible engineer, machine type, part description, part usage field (active/inactive), a location to put in pictures of the part, packaging information, origin of the part, and an open field to allow for any other information to be added as needed. Another aspect of the invention is a definitive test menu (AFR-available for rework,AFS-available for sale,CSP -certified spare part). In summary, the present invention provides a part number database with a high degree of utility.