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Window Locking Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015529D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Mar-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Disclosed is a concept that improves graphical user interfaces. Specifically, the concept aims to improve operating systems that use windows (e.g., Microsoft Windows*, MacOS**, etc.). As it stands, when using such operating systems, a user can inadvertently close a window that he or she did not intend to close. This causes frustration to the user, because the information previously loaded may have taken a very long time to accumulate. In some cases, getting back to the information of interest is not possible. Consequently, users could benefit greatly if there was a safeguard to protect oneself from accidentally closing an important window The idea is to incorporate "Window Locks" into operating systems. These locks can be bound to certain applications via the file manager/explorer (for example by a right click menu selection). When a person loads these applications, the operating system will lock the windows that the application spawns. Consequently, when a user tries to close these application windows, her or she will see a message stating that the window has been locked. Accordingly, the user can right click on the X of the window and choose an "Unlock this window" option. Then the user can go about as they normally do and close the window via a left click on the "X." Since windows can commonly be closed using key combinations, the operating system can be taught to monitor the attempts to close a window via key combinations also. Accordingly, when a user is trying to close a window that has been designated as "locked," a warning shall be displayed to the user. From there (as described earlier), the user must go through an extra step of unlocking the window before he or she can close it. By providing this functionality, a user can be deterred from accidentally closing a window that he or she meant to keep open. Trademark of Microsoft Corporation Trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.