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Method of merging the mouse into the background or body of a graphical object Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015574D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Mar-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Disclosed is a method of merging the mouse into the background or body of a graphical object. This method creates the effect of submerging or burrowing the mouse into the object it is normally over. One of the problems using a GUI system is the mouse sometimes gets in the way of data or objects the user is investigating. Many times, the user must move the mouse away from some objects in order to see or verify the object they are about to choose. The mouse is needed, but it also gets in the way at the same time. Currently, GUIs essentially display an object told to it by the common graphical APIs. Then on top of the object, the arrow of a mouse is painted over the pixels of the underneath object. Propose is a method where the mouse disappears into the object. The object which the mouse is under has its image painted by the GUI as usual, except where the mouse is, the pixels of the object are slightly enlarged in shape or in the outline of a mouse. The mouse is there, but instead of a solid color, the object it sits under has part of it's body morphed by the shape of the mouse. This disclosure proposes a computer mouse or pointer that causes an arrow hump under or on the image displayed on a user's screen. For example, the cartoon image of a cat or a real mouse racing under carpet or a blanket causing a hump which raises the shape of the blanket or carpet.