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Transparent Method for Integrating Custom Processing with FTP Transfers. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015581D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Apr-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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File-transfer protocol (FTP) and the associated client/server applications are a standard mechanism for file transfer. Exploiting the ubiquity of FTP services, many higher-level applications rely upon FTP to distribute files. Unless the application has made special provisions, the result is "closed" to enhancement of the distribution process (possible enhancements include content filtering and triggering of related processing). Without such provisions, subsequent "enhancements" are generally performed either manually or by scheduled processes. This invention describes a method to integrate custom processing into the distribution process, without requiring any change to the application or FTP services. For example, attempts to integrate WebSphere Edge Server's Content Distribution Framework with WebSphere Studio are complicated by the fact that WSS has a "closed" process for distributing files via FTP to a WebSphere Application Server. Thus, without this invention, there is no available integration point for the CDF APIs. Through use of this invention, the CDF APIs may be invoked during the course of the FTP transfer without requiring any change to WSS or the FTP services. By placing an open, extensible FTP proxy between the FTP client/server endpoints, additional processing may be easily integrated into the distribution process. Specifically, this invention allows custom processing at four key stages of distribution: Before any files are transferred (during "open connection").