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Interactive error information display and correction method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015606D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Apr-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Interactive Error Information Display and Correction Tool The basic concept described in this disclosure is the ability to provide easily accessible information on why a user has an error and how they can fix it. Usually a user will have to leave their current work area in order to find out information on why their answer is an error. Our design takes care of this problem by allowing the user an easily accessible menu of items that answers their questions and provides links to other places of interest through a simple click. The key to this method of error display is that it allows the user the flexibility to navigate with the mouse while the text they are working with remains on the screen. The behavior our disclosure recommends is a simple click on the visual error indicator(red box with white "x") which will provide information that will help the user quickly fix their mistake without having to wander off into other help dialogs. Instead the information would require a simple click from the user and would be displayed below the field so that they could view the information while filling in the correction. The helpful information would be present until the user clicked the visual error indicator again and at that point it would toggle off. An example of the kind of help that would be available is below. Figure 1 The links for additional help would update the area with a new slide of information. For example if you clicked on the link for Additional help and examples you would receive additional information on the field you are trying to correctly update. To return to your original information you would click the previous arrow icon. If you were done filling in the information and no longer needed the clarification and assistance you would close the popup by toggling the error indicator image to the left of the field. Non-Intrusive Error Information Display and Correction Tool