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Offset Glip Handle for MineEye Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015627D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jun-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Disclosed is a mechanism for holding and moving a stick type hand-held apparatus. This mechanism consists of a handle to grip, and a holder to support wrist. The handle and the holder are connected by a bar with two joints. This mechanism enables the operator to hold and move a stick type hand-held apparatus such as hand-held scanner precisely while the holder reduces the weight may applied on ones wrist Fig.1: A handle grip attached with a hand held scannar Fig.2: Operating position The handle attached to an apparatus prevents the operator to turn in his or her arm horizontal angle and also it prevents the wrist to be bent. This handle keeps the angles of arm and the wrist to natural position and also the form of human body. The holder placed at arm acts as a lever to support the wrist to lift the apparatus and reduces the load applied to the wrist. The two joints at the ends of the bar allows the holder to be off set from the line parallel to the length of the stick type apparatus. Thus, the operator of the apparatus is able to bend his/her elbow to control the length of the arm to move and hold the apparatus at desired position while the wrist is supported by the holder during the operation. Since the joints allows the holder to off set at any angle, this mechanism allows both right-handed and left-handed operators to adjust the holder to the desired angle to ensure the benefits of the mechanism can be obtained regardless of the handedness (see Fig.3, Fig4, Fig 5).