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Multi-feature Internet Phone Device with Optional Components Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015645D
Original Publication Date: 2002-May-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Disclosed here is a device which can make Internet telephony very easy to use and a way of life in the near future. Also disclosed here are a number of optional components which can be plugged into this device to extend it’s functionality as per the requirements of the user. This device is supposed to be a bridge between the 24/7 internet connection devices like cable modem or DSL and the regular telephone devices like a cordless phone, cellular phone, caller ID and answering machine so that there is a seamless transfer between the two worlds. Problem : More and More people are having broadband connections in their homes across the Globe but still, for international calls, they have to use regular telephone lines. This is in spite of the fact that sometimes both the parties have a broadband connection in their homes. Here are some of the reasons for highly under-utilization of the broadband lines for telephony : Both the parties have to know exactly at what time should they log into their PCs, the internet and the messenger service. E.g. one person from India logs in to the Internet and the MSN messenger and does not find his friend in US logged in at that time. The person from India will have to make an International call to US and request the other person to log into the computer, messenger service – even though the person in US may be having a 24/7 cable modem connection at this home. In order to use the messenger service for voice calls, the user occupies the pc and pc cannot be used by anybody else. In the e.g. above, if the person in the US has only one PC, then he occupies it during the period of the voice call and nobody else in the house can use the PC during that time. The PC has to be kept on all the time during this voice conversation There is no facility of using your convenient Regular cordless phone for this voice phone. You have to rely on the typical wired Head Set for the conversation and you are occupying the computer chair. There is no option to encrypt your messages, for e.g. if somebody has to send a confidential information, there are no options to send it in encrypted form during this voice conversation. There is no way you can transfer the calls coming on Internet to your cellphone or another phone. You cannot call in from your cellphone to a party on internet phone. If you are not logged on the messenger service and working on the PC, you cannot find out if somebody is trying to call you on internet.