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3D interaction between mouse, mouse pointer and objects visible on the screen Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015662D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Aug-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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This publication proposes a mechanism to exploit all 3 dimensions, each in two directions when working with the mouse. Introduction In current user interfaces, mouse movement is done in two dimensions only; more concrete, the 2D movement on the table (x-axis and y-axis) is usually translated to a 2D movement of some corresponding object (e.g. mouse pointer) on the screen. Here, both dimensions are exploited in two directions each: increase x-axis and decrease x-axis, increase y-axis and decrease y-axis. When a user has seen this principle once, this concept of translating mouse movement to object movement on the screen is conceptually easy to understand, to memorize, and to use. In addition, the concept of movement along the 3rd dimension (z-axis) is as well widely used, but only in one direction: pressing the mouse or a part of the mouse (i.e. button) towards the table is usually translated to an interaction, in the most simple case, pushing the mouse or a part of the mouse is translated to pushing a virtual object (push button) virtually into the screen. This concept is as well easy to understand, to memorize, and to use. In the following, this direction is called z-in interaction ".