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(BMP) Mailbox service with Virus protection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015712D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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Disclosed is an e-mail mail box service with Virus check and Virus removal instruction for the possible Virused e-mail passed through the e-mail mail box server. There are several tools or services which detect Virused e-mail either at e-mail gateway or on the end user's local system. However, each method, ie. gateway or local system, have weak points. To protect end-users' system from Virus, in either methods Virus definition files need to be updated. If a Virused e-mail passed through the gateway or was opened at end-user's system before updating the Virus definition file for the particular Virus, the Virus check tools or server have no effect. In other words, even the system administrator tried to keep his/her Virus detection SW up to dated, the period between the first Virus detection and deployment of the newest Virus definition files which can detect the Virus must be the dangerous room where Virus can steel into the system. Usually, once a Virus was detected at a system, the virus would be investigated and the characteristics become announced. Then, based on the announcement, Virus detection SW development companies develop new Virus definition file corresponding to the new Virus and make it available on the Web. After that, the system administrator can download the new Virus definition file and run Virus detection program. So, it would take several days the new Virus detection file become distributed to all system administrators. That's delay from the first Virus detection is sometime fatal. To protect the mailbox of customer's e-mail from Virus, this disclosure basically propose a couple of methods.