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Data carrying, Network enabled Electronic Number Plates for vehicles Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015751D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jun-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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Disclosed is a feature packed Electronic Number Plate for vehicles. This Electronic Number Plate (ENP) can carry and transmit data of various kinds and for various purposes. All new and existing vehicles can be equipped with this new device which will take its power from the battery of the vehicle The idea is to equip a vehicle with an ENP, one ENP at the front and one at the back of a vehicle. The two Electronic Number Plates will work with the help of a device fitted on the dashboard. All the ENPs on the vehicles (running or stationary will act just like the computers in the Internet cloud. The ENP on different vehicles will communicate and pass data to each other. Thus, working as the medium/channel for data transmission, by taking data from one ENP and passing it to other nearby ENP in the desired direction. ENPs on the nearby vehicles can communicate data possibly by BlueTooth Technology for shorter range. Long range wireless technology can be used by the control towers for distant communications (e.g communication to satellites) or for communication between control towers, which may be needed to regulate the flow of data in the desired direction. Moreover, the ENP can be used as small range cell for cell phones. The large number of Electronic Number Plates in major traffic will work like a large and huge cell for cellphones. An ENP can be used for carrying/transmitting/receiving various kind of signals and information. This device will receive and provide various services, and it can work in tandem with various other existing devices. The ENP will have some future proof/platform and technology independent software built into them which will be used to transmit /receive data/signals. Various kind of information can be exchanged through these devices( e.g Music/TV/Internet/Telephone/local information in a city/Value added services). For example, the way information is shared by two PCs over the Internet, information can be shared with two people in different vehicles in traffic, communicating and exchanging information with the help of this device without even knowing each other. Information exchange can take place between strangers. The ENP will be web enabled, equipped with GPS and will contain all the Data about the vehicle (e.g vehicle registration number, color, model, make, owner and all such information. It can be made mandatory for all (old/new) the vehicles to use this ENP. Also, unique ID’s ,unique throughout the world, can be assigned to the vehicle. Authorities can use this device to track and locate a vehicle. Also, this device could assist the police by monitoring electronically and automatically the traffic. Officials of the police department would keep an handheld device and if pointed at the ENP on a vehicle would provide all the necessary information about the vehicle. Such as, a vehicle with a traffic violation. ENP vehicles would automatically be able to report a speeding vehicle to the local authorities. A city department would be able to monitor electronically and automatically all incoming and outgoing vehicles. It would be possible to monitor and regulate the traffic with computers without leaving the office. If someone tampered with the device it would automatically report information and location to local authorities. Also, people in traffic can communicate with each other to resolve a traffic 1