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Point of Control Computer (POCC) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015783D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Apr-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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This disclosure is a collection of ideas that interlock for improving the safety and security of people who enter locations where access is granted by means of computer controlled doors, turnstiles or barriers. It defines the interactions of a full set of features and functions relating to a secure Access Control system. This fosters the rapid installation of low cost and compatible Access Control systems that enhances the security of people in the event of environmental contamination or terrorist attacks. The primary component of the disclosure is an intelligent barrier or turnstile controller. It is described in disclosure docket FR820010097 (in database "Invention Publication") as a Point of Control Computer (POCC). The POCC itself can be used to support a wide variety of applications in addition to Access Control. However, each application context requires a set full set program functions (or Java classes including native methods) that extends the functionality of the POCC. The unit is used to control turnstiles in environments where large volumes of people move in and out of enclosed areas. For safety and security reasons it is essential to allow entry only to authorised persons according to predefined schedules. The system rapidly and reliably records the entry and exit of persons. It does this even when the POCC is unable to communicate with its remove host (application server) due to network or server problems. Many of the interlocking features of the system already exist in current Access Control systems in some form or another. However this disclosure defines the way in which these ideas collectively interact with the POCC in order to foster the widespread implementation of secure Access Control systems. The main POCC features are described below. Those that are specific to the Access Control application are marked with an asterisk.