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Method of Automatically Collecting Performance and Capacity Data from Customer IT System, Analyzing the Data, and then Delivering Graphical Reports back to the Customer via the Internet Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015792D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Mar-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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This invention implements a dynamic, cost-effective automatic process that collects performance and capacity usage data from a customer's IT system; submits it to a central collection site (IBM); analyzes the data; and then creates graphical reports made available for customer viewing via the Internet. These reports allow the user (customer) to identify problem areas (e.g. low usage of resources, resources nearing or at maximum usage, devices causing customer bottlenecks), and requires a minimal amount of customer skills and time. The data collected and analyzed can include CPU (Central Processing Unit) utilization and disk capacity, response time, throughput, application and user usage. The data is collected weekly and automatically shipped (electronically) to IBM (International Business Machines) where it is analyzed using software that incorporates expert logic. The results of this analysis are formatted into graphical reports which include an accompanying description in the national language of the customer and are made available to the customer via the Internet. The customer, using a userid and password issued at the registration of the service, can then view the reports at their convenience. Additionally, with the customer's approval, IBM Marketing and Services can monitor these reports to identify customer performance problems and pro-actively contact the customer concerning hardware upgrades and tuning and capacity planning services. The web site, included as part of this process, also contains marketing materials, and user documents that can be used to demonstrate the value of this service to potential customers. These materials are also available in multiple national languages selectable by the customer.