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Avoiding moisture condensation on refrigation hoses cooler than the surrounding air dew point Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015819D
Original Publication Date: 2002-May-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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The proposed invention eliminates moisture condensation on flexible metal hoses carrying refrigerant fluid at temperature below the dew point of the surrounding air. An advantage of the proposed invention is the ability to do field upgrade without the need for any tools or additional fasteners. The only component required to make the field upgrade is a large diameter bellow with o-ring seal ends as shown in figure below. The proposed invention solves the problem of moisture condensation on flexible metal hoses carrying refrigerant below the dew point of the surrounding air by enveloping the refrigerant flexible hose in a bigger flex metal hose, we call a bellow, with o-ring seals. The o-ring seals provide hermetic sealing at the two ends of the bellow. To avoid the build up of moisture inside the space between the flex hose and the bellow, desiccant bags are inserted at the two ends, as shown in the cross sectional view below. In refrigeration systems, with quick connect feature, that allows separation of evaporator and the refrigeration unit, the invention may use one or two o-ring couplings; that is, at one end, the bellow can be pemanently connected to the evaporator or the refrigeration unit; or, there can be o-ring connections at both the ends. The proposed invention may be used to upgrade the product in the field by breaking the quick connect connection, inserting a bag of desiccant, moving the bellow over the flex hose, inserting the insulation tube, making one o-ring connection, inserting the second desiccant bag, connecting the quick connect and making the second o-ring connection.