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Collecting and Organizing data for a Complex Enterprise Application Suite's Business and Technical Environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015824D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Apr-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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The process and proof of concept tool represent an organized and disciplined approach to gathering data on a clients business environment, the applications used to support their business environment, and the technology used to deploy the application suite. There are three fundamental issues addressed with the invention: 1) It removes the subjective nature of creating an image of the client's environment by working with a robust set of quantifiable, tacit facts to create an objective business and technical representation of the client's environment using Application Profile Components. 2) Its organization of data enables intra-enterprise and inter-enterprise analysis of business functions, project dependencies, technology employed, application dependencies, business data communications, etc. and 3) The approach addresses the accumulation of data on a client's environment over time and the recording of newly acquired data in a way that relates to the data already collected. This process relies on understanding application systems from the perspective of the different knowledge workers who rely on the documentation to understand application systems. In particular, the solution takes a professional discipline and life-cycle approach to organizing and accumulating data. The primary break down of information it by Business Function, Project Management, Report Print, Technology, Personnel, Services, and Documentation associated with understanding an application system. Within each of the major categories data collection groupings this approach breaks the detail of a suite into discrete elements that define an application's existence an Application Profile. For each application there are profile components. The graphic representation below illustrates the aggregation of data from the discrete elements within each Application Profile Component, the combination of components which define an Application's Profile, and the continued relationship building between each application's Application Profile Component to create a representation of an Application System Profile. Once the elements of an Application System Profile are defined, additional relationships between Application System Profiles both within an enterprise and between enterprises, will define enterprise and inter-enterprise profiles respectively. A representation of Application Profile Components with sample discrete elements are presented below: