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Privileged picking-up system of purchased goods using vending machines,short-range wireless system and 2D barcodes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015828D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Aug-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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This invention can be realized based upon vending machines and devices equipped with web browsers and short-range RF technologies such as IrDA or bluetooth. An example of these devices are mobile phones with web browsers, and a good example of implementation of this invention is fast-food restaurants such as MacDonalds, Subway and so on. Vending machines are networked with restaurants/shops or computer centers. Consumers are supposed to download meal menus to the devices( phones) from web sites beforehand. They send order information such as user IDs, time and place(restaurants or shops where they plan to pick up their meal) to the vending machines through short-range RF. If the meals they are ordering are customizable( as in Subway sandwitches), user preference information can be sent together. After sending order information, consumers are supposed to pay the bill electrically using the devices and vending machines before they get the meal. When they pay the bill, the vending machines send 2D barcode that proves the consumer has already paid the bill to consumer's device through RF , and order information is sent to the restaurants/shops or computer centers. The consumers shows up at and show the 2D barcodes the restaurants/shops. 2D barcode reader get information about the order and the consumers are able to get their meal without waiting in line.