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Method for vibration analysis and improved data integrity in DASD Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015842D
Original Publication Date: 2002-May-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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DASD can log errors due to mechanical vibration. Vibration may be coming from outside the DASD or it may be generated inside the DASD. Errors logged due to internally generated vibrations are clearly due to defective DASDs that must be replaced. But DASD error logs caused by externally generated vibrations, with amplitude greater than that for which the DASD was designed, cannot be blamed on the DASD. In order to design a corrective action for failing DASDs, we must know the source of the vibration causing the log errors. In the invention, two sense accelerators are used and their outputs compared to determine whether the souce of the error is defective DASD or the environment. T he sense accelerator inside the DASD measures the inherent operational vibration (IOV). The sense accelerator outside the DASD measures the ambient mechanical waves (AMW). If the IOV is greater than the AMW and above a predetermined threshold, then the DASD is defective and needs replacement. If the AMW is greater than a predetermined threshold, then the DASD errors can be blamed on the environment which needs to be modified to allow for a safe operation of the DASD; in this case replacing the DASD will not improve the situation. 1