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Method to play Voicemail on mobile phone from Web browser Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015856D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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Disclosed is a method to transparently play voice mail on mobile phone for browser users on mobile phone. The Unified Messaging system handles e-mail, voice mail and fax mail in unified manner. When new voice mail arrived, user wants to have it played. If user is using PC, the Unified Messaging system can send voice mail to PC as audio file playback that audio file. In case of office environment, it is also possible for Unified Messaging system to control PBX, make call to user's phone and plays voice mail through phone. If the user is accessing Unified Messaging system using a browser in a mobile phone, these methods does not apply. The functions of browsers in mobile phones are limited and most of browsers in mobile phones are unable to play attachments such as audio file. Even if it is capable to play attachments, it is not desirable to play audio file as an attachment. First, the entire attachment file is downloaded and then browser can play it. The user cannot know the importance or relevance of contents until playback began so the user has to pay communication fee to download whole file. The Unified Messaging system may control PBX and make phone calls to user's mobile phone. However, there are mobile phones not accepting calls while using browser. Some mobile phones has user setting option on if phone should accept calls while using browser. For these phones, it is not always possible for users to select voice mail on browser and listen to voice mail contents. The alternative approach would be turn off the browser and make a phone call to Unified Messaging system manually, and access voice messages via Telephone User Interface. But, in this way, user must start from top menu and navigate to the desired message using telephony interface. The method disclosed solves this problem. In this method, Unified Messaging system must have a set of reserved phone numbers for mobile phone users to call in. The Unified Messaging system must be in control of those numbers.