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Generating a static summary page from a search results folder Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015861D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jun-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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Web Content Management (WCM) products enable non-web savy content creators to contribute content to web sites via web forms. Typically, the WCM product will combine the content input from the content creator with a presentation template in order to create an HTML static view of the content. In addition, some WCM products also create a summary view listing the "headlines" (or similiar short descriptions) of the content on a static page with links to each of the generated summary views. For "personalization", the summary page is typically a JSP and the list of headlines and links are generated for each user. These are "sub-summaries." (That is, they are just like the summary pages, except they provide a list of less than all the items.) There is some performance impact to the site in dynamically generating a summary page. Since some sub-summaries (such as all sporting goods or all shoes) are quite common, it is useful to sometimes be able to pre-generate these sub-summaries. It is desirable to allow the non-technical WCM user the ability to automatically generate sub-summaries in an easy and understandable way. IBM Web Content Publisher the concept of a "search folder" and associates summary templates with the search folder. A search folder is a folder whose content is determined by executing a query each time the folder is opened during site development. By associating summary presentation templates with each search folder, the user can quickly and easily generate many different summary views to use throughout his web site. In addition, as new content is added, the summary pages can be regenerated to add the appropriate content to each summary page. The major advantages of this approach is that it is simple for non-technical users to understand, simple for non-technical users to make use of, and flexible in terms of its usage.