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Call a Java program from a Native program Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015893D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Aug-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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A program is disclosed which is a native iSeries program and is named Q5BVAJVM. This program can be used by any native program to invoke or start up a Java Virtual Machine (JVM)* and run a Java* program. Programs written in native languages such as COBOL, RPG, C, C++, Basic or Fortran, which require a call to a Java program can use the regular EBCDIC native interface to the Q5BVAJVM program to invoke the Java program. Thus the native program will not have to encode any Java interfaces or perform EBCDIC to ASCII translations. See Fig. 1. The Q5BVAJVM program will perform the necessary EBCDIC to ASCII translations and invoke the JVM using Java interfaces. A native user program will call the Q5BVAJVM program passing the name of the Java program it requires to run and any parameters required by the Java program. The user program can also pass more information describing other Java environment settings and Java system properties. See Fig. 2. The Q5BVAJVM program will take this information and use it to perform several tasks to initialize and invoke the Java program using Java protocols. The tasks performed include initializing a Java Virtual Machine environment, setting the class path for the environment, setting Java system properties, setting the Java environment values, translating the native parameters, finding and loading the Java program, initializing the "main" entry point and invoking the Java program and passing the Java parameters. 1