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A GUI for Building Web Services from Existing Host Programs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015928D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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A software tool is disclosed that can be used to extend existing iSeries host programs written in languages such as RPG or COBOL, as Web services without extra coding effort. The program provides an Eclipse-based GUI Wizard to capture iSeries® host program definitions in Program Call Markup Language (PCML) and also has the capability to import existing PCML files. The program provides for the generation of user-application specific runtime Java® beans and also provides runtime-support classes for integration of iSeries host programs to the Web service environment. At development time a Program Call Wizard captures the definitions of iSeries host programs and generates the PCML files. The PCML files are analyzed and service connector Javabeans are generated. The service connector Javabeans act as input Javabeans to a Web Services Development Language (WSDL) generator such as exists in the Web Services Wizard of IBM® Websphere® Studio Application Developer. At runtime, these service connector Javabeans also act as an integrator between the Web services runtime and the iSeries host program. For each iSeries host program the program tool uses two methods to generate two WSDL Web service entries. The purpose of generating two methods for each host program is to support two different return types. One method returns the result in a Javabean and the other returns the result in an XML string. The user has the option to decide which method or both to publish.