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Dynamic Negotiation of Print Transfer Buffer Size Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015993D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jun-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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Many Telnet Servers currently have some form of printer passthru support. This support was implemented at a time when printers were limited to relatively small transfer buffer sizes (e.g., 300 bytes) these sizes being hardcoded in the servers. Due to a quickly expanding and improving printer market, current printers are capable of handling much larger transfer buffer sizes. When these new printers are accessed via the Telnet Servers which support printer passthru, their full speed capabilities can not be achieved due to the small transfer buffer sizes implemented by these Telnet Servers. We have developed a solution that allows for negotiating a larger transfer buffer size when virtual printer devices are created on Telnet Servers which support printer passthru, such that newer printers may be used at their maximum capable speeds. A TN5250E negotiation is utilized to pass the desired printer transfer buffer size as part of TN5250E Telnet printer session establishment. This is done using a new USERVAR named IBMPRTBFRSIZE which indicates that the default printer transfer buffer size should be overridden with this new buffer size. A Telnet Client may communicate a desired printer transfer buffer size to a Telnet server as follows: TN5250E Environment Option Negotiations Telnet Server Telnet Client