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Preservation Layer System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015995D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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Disclosed is the description of The Preservation Layer System(PLS) that facilitates the accessibility of stored digital content. It is used in environments where digital information is stored over longer periods, typically 100 years. The problem is that this information, at some point of time, is no longer accessible because hard- and or software is no longer compatible with the format of the stored file. Digital Preservation is a functionality that will be used to modify the stored information in a way that it will be accessible again. The PLS is able create a notification when specific file types (or file formats) are no longer accessible due to change in the supporting hardware and software. The notification can be used as a trigger to start actions to create new ways to provide accessibility again (digital preservation). When Digital Preservation is a function that is able to keep information accessible, the PLS is the system that will determine which file types(formats) do need processing by the Digital Preservation functions in order to keep these files accessible. The PLS is a notification system that checks if for every stored file-type the right hard- and software configuration is available. The PLS is based upon the following principals: PLS will link all data formats to the (viewer)programs that are needed to access the files. The (viewer) programs will be linked to other software modules or to the operating system that is needed to run the program. The Operating System will be linked to a hardware configuration that is needed to support the Operating System. In this way a linked list will be established from file format to system hardware configuration. This linked list(chain) is called a Viewpath. The Viewpath will have more elements once the parts of the existing configuration are defined more detailed or a more complex in the PLS. The complete hardware and software configuration is modulated in a relational datamodel as shown in figure 1. Tiff grp IVimage