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A system for deployment within an e-business solution topology Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016011D
Original Publication Date: 2002-May-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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Disclosed is a system which provides for installation configuration and control of an e-Business solution topology. In a multi-tier solution topology, resources may exist on a number of physically separate machines. These resources can include business objects, configuration files, command files, programs, classes, text files, message queues, message flows and database tables (with data). The resources are installed either to support the overall solution, that is they constitute part of the solution fabric, or to provide examples which can be run and/or customised by a solution developer. They may also constitute the elements required to run an installation verification test. Furthermore, such resources may constitute part of a production solution. The problem with the distributed nature of the resources within an e-business solution topology is that in order to run either an example, an install verification test or a production solution, requires that all the relevant resources are deployed and started in an appropriate sequence. If manual operations are used to deploy and start the resources, then it requires deep understanding by the manual operator which is unlikely to be a reasonable assumption where an example or installation verification test is to be run. Further, manual deployment and start is not only time consuming but is also error-prone. Still further, it is most likely that an installation verification test will be run on completion of installation, and should be run as far as posssible in an automated mode. What is needed is an automated deployment system which takes control of the sequencing of operations. This system has to span the distributed nature of the solution topology. The proposed system takes advantage of the fact that a multi-machine e-business solution topology usually uses IBM's MQSeries* (or an equivalent asynchronous messaging system) as a means of providing connectivity between the application server and other servers, such as message brokers, workflow servers and enterprise servers.