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Homeland Security System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016015D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Aug-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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Disclosed is a system that provides a rules-based automated identity check and security screening process for individuals. The system provides an interface between business security systems (e.g. airlines, banks, contract security companies, etc.) and various automated government systems (e.g. FBI, CIA, INS, Interpol, DMV, state and local law enforcement, etc.) to determine an individual's identity and/or potential security risk without disclosing private data about individual (see Figure). The Homeland Security System (HSS) provides a list of standard rules (i.e. risk rules) from which the businesses can choose to enforce. The risk rules selected would determine the depth of the background check for the individual. Business security systems would provide physical evidence of a person along with the selected risk rules by which the person should be evaluated. If any of the risk rules is violated, then the person would "fail" the security check, but no private data would be disclosed to the business security system. Optionally, the business may also provide non-physical evidence of a person's identity (e.g. name, social security number, driver's license number, passport number, INS Visa number, etc.) to verify that the physical and non-physical evidence agrees (i.e. the person's ID is correct). Besides "fail", other possible outcomes of the security/ID check are "unknown", if the person's identity cannot be determined, or "pass" if the identity has been determined and no risk rules are violated. If a very high risk individual is identified (e.g. someone on the FBI Most Wanted list), HSS could be designed to automatically notify local law enforcement officials. Examples of HSS risk rules could be "Not on FBI Most Wanted List", "Not on parole in any state", "Not previously convicted of a felony in any state", "Not in country illegally", "No judgements in any state", "No violent crimes in any state", etc. A business would select which rules to enforce for their purposes. An employer or a bank may choose to 1