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Method for Determining Web Browser User Gestures Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016047D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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This document describes a device for determining the gestures a user has performed against a Web Browser during the course of performing a web based transaction. This method does not rely on Cartesian coordinates and claims near 100% accuracy in capturing only the gestures the user has performed, and emitting those gestures as a transaction script. In order to obtain this accuracy, the recording device dictates to the user, through time based constraint and visual feedback, when they can perform the next gesture. A user gesture is a physical action on the web browser, such as typing in a URL and submitting it for navigation, or clicking a link. It does not include a web browser redirection, or a navigation as the result of an embedded application. A transaction is defined to be he set of one or more HTTP or HTTPS requests that denote user value. The output of the record session, the script , is the input to automation of a web browser for replay of the user gestures. The goal in web browser automation is to reliably capture the gestures that the user performs, letting the browser automatically follow redirections, meta refresh references, or perform any other browser based actions during the playback phase. If the recorder mistakes a browser action as a user gesture during the record process then the playback application will be out of synchronization with respect to the transaction. Therefore, the recorder must reliably capture user gestures in order to make the playback seamless.