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Tailgate Enclosure for ESCON MM Conversion Kit FC 2325 Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016065D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jul-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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Disclosed is a tailgate enclosure, henceforth known as the tailgate, to be used with the ESCON (Enterprise Systems Connection Architecture) Multimode Conversion Kit (IBM 2064 Feature Code 2325). The assembled tailgate is placed under a raised floor to protect elements of the enclosed conversion kit from external damage. The tailgate also provides a visual reference to the channel plugging sequence of the attached 2064 16 port ESCON channel card. The tailgate provides a safe external means of attaching existing ESCON duplex connector channel cables from peripheral equipment to the 2064 sixteen port ESCON channel card. Setup: The ESCON multimode conversion kit consists of an ESCON duplex connector socket and an MT-RJ plug on a two meter multimode cable. Allowing for a cable raise length of two thirds of a meter into the processor frame the additional cable length of one and one third meters allows the tailgate to be placed outside the processor airflow path. The tailgate can be placed directly on the sub-floor or can straddle existing cable runs. The conversion kit cables are not secured to the tailgate but rather bundled with hook and loop straps at regular intervals to provide placement flexibility. The tailgate enclosure is sized to allow for four groups of sixteen conversion kit ESCON duplex connector sockets (Fig. 1). Each group is secured in a cutout at the top of the tailgate with the cables exiting at the open bottom. The socket securing clamps are field removable for ease of addition, replacement or removal of the duplex sockets (Fig. 2) without disturbing adjacent sockets or groups. Defective conversion kit cables can be individually replaced without socket removal by means of the BNC connections on each socket.