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A Method to Provide a Portability Support for an Application Server in a Distributed Object Environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016094D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Aug-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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A method is disclosed to provide a portability support for an application server in a distributed object environment. In a distributed object environment that provides the local/remote access to an object transparently, application code is not aware of when or how the objects are persisted. The objects may be persisted in a relational database, a file system or an object data store. Furthermore, application code does not know the persistent support that is provided by the application server. When a backend system is a relational data base system, the standardized JDBC* specification was defined to allow an application to access persistent data without knowing which database it connects to. Unfortunately, each JDBC driver provider implements the JDBC specification differently. Therefore, either an application must be tuned to access a specific database, or an application server must provide different database support to achieve the transparency of the backend systems. Consequently, these different data access behaviors of JDBC drivers prevent the portability of an application from one data base to another data base. In addition, the persistent support on an application server must be modified in order to support a new database. Our solution to the problem is to define a data store helper interface that allows various non-standardized implementation to plug-in to an application server. An application that runs in this application server can have a common interface to access various data bases without knowing which database it is connected to. The application server uses this data store helper interface to access the non-standardized methods on behalf of the application. This results in the desired transparency of the persistent data store support. The data store helper interface provides various methods that allow each database to provide its own implementation. The most common methods that are defined in the interface are: