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Web services component assembly tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016120D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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In general, in most software development tools, the concept of application or software component assembly relies on the component as the unit of assembly (assembly occurs at the component level). In this context applications or components can be created as a result of the assembly of components; this is most often thought of as the process of using components to build applications or larger grained components. A component created as a result of the assembly of components inherently contains the artifacts that makes up the components used as building blocks (sub components); the new component is delivered as a deployable unit containing sub components. Presumably assembly occurs from components that have a certain configuration. Picture 1. Software components made of other software components Component A is assembled from components(C,D,E) Component B is assembled from components(G,H,F) What is described here is an assisted way to create a server side business component from the assembly of web services (see for more information on web services). By assisted way is implied the concept that the software component is not programmatically created but rather generated from a software development tool. In this context, the unit of assembly becomes the web service (assembly occurs at the web services level); this is also often described as the process of bringing multiple web services together in support of a much broader or specialized web service. This concept implies that web services can be composed and/or aggreagated (dynamically or non dynamically) with other web services; this can be acheived from deployed or non depoyed web services.