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Thinkpad Car Seat Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016154D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Aug-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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With Thinkpads (or laptops in general) becoming more prevalent people are using them as entertainment devices as well. People will use them on plane rides or car rides to watch DVDs. However, watching a DVD on a computer (or just using the computer) in the car can be problematic if the person is young. For example, my 3 year old loves to watch her Disney movies in the car but between the car seat getting in the way and her lap being too small (plus the heat from the thinkpad would hurt her after a while) trying to have the thinkpad in her lap just was not an option. Another problem was that if she fell alseep (which would always happen on long trips), the thinkpad would surely slide off. The Laptop CarTable will solve this. The Laptop CarTable is a foldable table that is attached to the back of the front car seats. It fits snugly over the front seat (either the driver or passenger) and has a foldable table attached at the back that hold the thinkpad at the right height so that the passenger (in the back seat) can easily see the computer/movie. The computer screen itself is resting against the front seat's back so it is far enough away that the user doesn't feel like the computer is "in their face", but it is close enough that keyboard can be reached by the person if needed. The entire unit folds away so it can easily be stored in the pocket behind the front seats or even under a seat. I have a working unit I can demonstrate. side view front view of car seat The "cover part" of the unit goes over the front passenger seat (sort of like a toaster cover) and the bottom/table portion of the unit hangs down towards the back seat passenger (the user). The unit has arms/straps on the sides that hold the bottom/table portion at the correct angle slightly downward. There are 2 other straps that are attached to the unit at the hinge point (where the bottom/table portion attaches to the cover part) that, when connected, will hold the lap from sliding towards the user. They have velcro and just attach to each other looks like a seatbelt. They are holes in the unit (at the hinge point) to allow for power cords, mouse cords, etc...