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HTML Text Magnifying Glass Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016158D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jul-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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This invention addresses the problem of text readability of web pages for viewing on computer and portable display equipment, especially on small-sized or high-resolution displays. This idea could also be used to assist visually-impaired users that can read displays with magnification. Web pages are often designed to be viewed at a specific resolution (usually 800 x 600). This often means fixing the font sizes and optimizing the page layout for the particular resolution. Image contents decrease in size as resolution increases for the same size of display. This is due to the smaller dot pitch associated with increases in resolution. As a result, font and icon readability can become a problem with high-resolution displays. Pictures and images also reduce in size as resolution increases, sometimes to the point that important detail may be difficult to see for some users. In standard internet browsers, such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer, the font can be changed in the browser by forcing all web pages to use a particular font, by forcing them all to use a common cascading style sheet, or changing the browser settings to ignore fonts specified in the page. However, this may change the layout of the page and the page may loose differences in font sizes meant to group different text . These changes are often not anticipated by the page developers and page content is typically left unorganized, clutterred, or even confusing for the viewer (See Figure 1) below. Figure 1