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Native User Multi-System Call Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016166D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jul-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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In today's world of cross site/ cross project product deliveries, the sharing of data (source code, binaries, project management data) has become increasing difficult. Even when two instances of the same development/project management tool are used, critical data cannot readily be shared. As software development tool sets evolve, sharing of cross site/cross project data will become increasingly more common. Until software development tool sets embrace the concept, a means for sharing data is necessary. The Cross Development Environment (CDE) solves this problem. CDE is a bridge between multiple library control systems, problem tracking systems, and user builds. The Native User Multi-System Call is one piece of the CDE bridge, which allows users to continue using their existing software development tool sets. Projects can now share cross site data without introducing new tools and disrupting the user's environments. The cross site/cross project issue has been around for a long time. Generally, the problem is solved either by manual intervention or introducing new interfaces or tool sets. Through the use of exit support in native software development tools, the Native User Multi-System Call within the CDE can be used to determine on which system and action should be invoked as shown in Figure 1. N a tiv e U s e r M u lti-S y s te m C a ll D ev e lo p m e n t In te rfa ce