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Integrated Solution Adapter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016192D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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Software vendors often ship sets of products that, together, form a solution for a particular market sector. The consumers of these solutions, however, may often prefer software components that are different than those present in the solution "stack". This adapter would maintain the concept of an integrated solution stack, while at the same time provide for the insertion of substitute software components supplied by the user. This ability to add an application would be part of the runtime aspect of the install tool. The application could be added via a fat-file edit (such as XML) or as output of a wizard that takes the user through the steps of adding the new software. One of the strengths of this ability is the option to add configuration information so that the eventual end-user of the install solution can pre-configure the added software as desired. So the wizard or file template would need to support the collection of whatever information is needed to subsequently build a configuration GUI for the application. Further, the configuration fields added could be 'shared' with new or existing applications in the stack via the capabilities already integrated as part of the tool. This would broaden the appeal of software solution stacks such that the solution itself could be maintained but at the same time be flexible enough to allow for the substitution of software components. For example, a financial services solution could ship with a stack of middleware products that includes DB2. However, the consumer of the solution may prefer Oracle over DB2. This adapter would facilitate the integration of Oracle into the solution by the user.