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Method for using a Computer Grid to support in-home Hospitalization. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016227D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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This publication describes a method for using a Computer Grid to support in-home Hospitalization. The grid technology allows for a heterogeneous set of machines to communicate with each other on the grid and initiate programs that can be run on a machine, which is a member of the grid. In effect, any application registered to a grid can be run on any named machine on the grid, by another named machine on the grid, by the grid operating system, This property of the grid has been applied to support an idea for in-home Hospitalization, in this disclosure. Sometimes patients are kept in hospitals for monitoring purposes. Also, elderly patients may have a non-medical professional at home to care for them, but would benefit from at-home medical advice or assistance. The novel idea is to attach medical monitoring and/or diagnostic devices at the patients home to the grid. The device could be monitoring vital signs or collecting other statistics on the patient's health. If the monitoring device recognizes a concern it can send the results to other applications on the grid for further analysis. Alternatively the monitoring device could be periodically sending the patients vital signs to another program on the grid. Applications on the grid will have access to the patient records and history. The applications can assist in providing the correct medical diagnoses needed. The grid application will notify a pool of medical professionals in the area of the patient status and results of the analysis.