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Internet Games: Customized for Skill Enhancement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016232D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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Internet Games: Customized for Skill Enhancement Internet games are a common source of entertainment for children and adolescents. Parents and teachers are often concerned that this is "wasted time" that could better be spent improving academic skills. Nonetheless, the allure of Internet games often captures the child's time and attention instead of the activities which are considered "mind improvement" opportunities. The purpose of this invention is to incorporate the entertainment-appeal of Internet games with the mind-enhancing value of academic activities. Games can be modified to reflect the skill-level of the player, and it can include special practice in the skill areas where the child needs more practice. Disclosed is a method for children to play a game where the game play is regulated according to the competency and abilities of the child who is playing the game. Regulating game play will be accomplished by obtaining information about the child’s school grades and comments. Home activities can also be used as reports. Using this information, a server accesses the child's game play account and modifies the necessary game elements according to the grades and reports of the child so that the child could have an easier time playing the game or so the level may be increased to make it more adjusted to the child’s level. By making these adjustments children will be able to play games that are better suited and appropriately challenging to their level allowing them to make better use of their game playing time..