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Detection and displaying system for warning volume levels in children headsets Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016238D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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Disclosed is a method for people to be able to go to concerts or participate in various activities that can be accompanied with loud sounds without harming their hearing abilities. This will be accomplished by the use of a specialized smart ear plugs. The ear plugs have special processor that reduces volume for some frequency bands of sounds that enter ears. This processor can be either programmed manually by the user (to indicate what are allowed volumes for each frequency) or have some default means for indicating what are allowed volume thresholds. The user can have some means to indicate his/her satisfaction during the performance with the level of sounds being heard by him/her. The system learns this user acceptance requirements and adapt sound processing means in the user ear plugs to satisfy user requirements. While the main embodiment of the ear plugs to prevent user ears from too loud sounds this method can be used also to increase volumes for some sounds in some frequency bands if the user has a partial hearing loss in these frequency bands. In this case smart ear plugs acquire additional function that is normally assigned to the digital hearing aids. In addition smart ear plugs can have a color indicator that will display the level of volume that the sound device is currently at. Parents can watch the display to check whether the child uses allowable volume for sounds. The allowable levels of sounds can be preprogrammed by experts who know what are allowable level of sounds for children of different ages. Therefore parents can find out that their child is hearing the uncomfortable level of sounds. 1