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Twin louver for FAN input air Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016254D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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Disclosed is a Twin Louver/Opening structure for supplying PC internal cooling fan with fresh air effectively. The Twin Louver is equipped on the bottom cover of PC enclosure and each louver is located on both side of the fan hub in the direction of air flow path (Fig.1). This structure provides the cooling fan with airflow balance and the reduction of sound noise caused by fan motor and fin. This structure is also providing with safety protection for fan failure caused by small substance dropping into air intake. Therefore, this Twin Louver structure realizes high performance fan cooling system for PC with low sound noise and prevention of hardware failure. Generally, a louver is usually aligned with the air intake of cooling fan to maximize the airflow efficiency (Fig.2). In this case, problems caused by small substance dropped into the fan inside are not protected by simple solution. The Fig.1 shows a typical Twin Louver structure. The Twin Louver structure consists of two louvers on the bottom cover which are indicated in the Fig.1 as A louver and B louver. A louver is to be located in b area, B louver is to be located whitin c area. The location of the A louver is able to be placed at out side of fan frame area, but the area is to be adjacent to the fan frame. When the louver/opening hole is located outside of fan intake, safety protection from dropping substance into fan inside is realized, and protection for intruding substance into PCB area is able to be managed by simple blind sheet as indicated in the Fig.1, because sufficient airflow is secured through the gap between the bottom cover and PCB. b c