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BMP: Web Commercial site with Web Content Annotation technology Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016259D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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As of today, so called commercial in web run by banner gif in portal site and popular site where lots of internet users visit. As soon as a user clicks on the banner, it will jump to the web site run by the banner owner. Usually the banner owner pays to the site owner based on how many clicks users made a month. When a customer is looking for some commercial goods in internet, a customer must go to lots of place such as a web site of the goods owner or provider, third party evaluator, and commerce site. In most cases, a customer is forced to manage three or four different links to walk around the links to decide which one a customer wants buy. With the Web Content Annotation technology, we can easily build so called web commercial site where internet users can easily find commercial goods with some evaluation, additional commercial information, and links to commerce site where they can purchase the goods, directly over the web site of the commercial goods owner as you see in the chart below: The web commercial site charges to an owner of commercial goods based on how often internet users visit the content with annotation. In addition, the owner of the commercial goods is allowed to put the limited number of link to the web commercial site once contracted with the commercial web site. It is also possible to add a URL link to commerce site, where a user actually purchase the good, in the annotation. In this case, the web commercial site charge to the owner of the commerce site how many user is taken to the commerce site. 2. How does the invention solve the problem or achieve an advantage,(a description of "the invention", including figures inline as appropriate)?