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Compound paging control that provides simultaneous positioning and batch size manipulation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016277D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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This disclosure describes a paging widget which has allows the user to manipulate positioning within a set as well as batch size to be displayed in a single interaction. In a traditional paging widget there is usually a point where the user can interact with the widget by providing the positioning in the set. This is commonly an input field or some other type of widget that allows the position to be entered from which to start viewing the total set. This disclosure applies a second property which is not only the positioning within the set but also the amount of the set to be viewed for this interaction. For instance, a standard paging widget may appear in the following standard form: Example 1. Records total: 100,000, displayed: 100 page [3] of 1000 In example 1, the number 3 within the blocks is represented by some widget such as a textfield or a combo box and can be changed by the end user to index into the total set. The input of 3 represents the 3rd page of 1000 pages. The number of results viewed per page is a fixed number which is not able to be manipulated by the end user. Therefore the meaning of the number 1000 is correlated to the fixed partition size and is not controllable by the end user. If the fixed number of results viewed per page is 100 then the user will see displayed the results 300-399 of 100,000 total results.