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System for the unassisted storage of documents in virtual folders based on prototype queries Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016282D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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A system is disclosed in which the user never files documents into directories or folders as in traditional UNIX or DOS-like file systems. Rather, the user creates folders in such a way that they become automatic receptors for certain kinds of documents, as per the folder’s definition. Initially a user only has search access to his her created documents. However, whenever a text based search (which may also contain meta data constraints, see below) returns, the user has an option of saving the search as a folder view (heretofore called a view-folder) for future use. The search can contain a combination of search terms and meta data [for example the user might specify a query of the form: rock+music-classical+meta(date>=1/1/01) which means look for documents that were created after 1/1/01, that contain the words "rock" and "music," but not the word "classical"]. The user might, for example, name this view-folder "Rock Music." After creating one or more view-folders, the user may create queries by referring to previously created view-folders, and in turn, save these. For example, a subsequent query, once the previously described "Rock music" view-folder is created, might be of the form: instrumental+folder(Rock Music), and when saved this view-folder might be given the name "Instrumental Rock." This induces a natural folder inclusion structure. View-folder content is thus dynamically determined, and a view-folder definition can be changed at any time, immediately changing the implied dynamic content. Content and ordering of the displayed elements of a view-folder are determined as follows. Based on any view-folder-defining query, we first seek out a set of "prototype documents." These prototype documents 1