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Self Data Erase HDD Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016299D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21
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JP8-2002-0454 Self Data Erase HDD H.Kubo T.Yasuda

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Self Data Erase HDD


Self Data Erase HDD


Disclosed is a method to erase data of Hard Disk Drive (HDD) which is detached from computer system. With simple jumper (shunt) pin setting and power supply, user data in HDD is erased automatically and safely. This method insures data security without physical destruction of HDD which also enables recycle or reuse of HDD or its parts.

For data security user data should be erased when HDD is unused. Software for HDD data erase is available. It is, however, not easy for handling because it should erase all of the user data not only in operating system level but also hardware level.

Figure 1 shows the concept of this method. This method requires unique jumper pin setting and power supply. Status for the process of this method is expressed with the sound or vibration of HDD. HDD has jumper pins for their device mode setting. These pins are used to determine master or slave drive for IDE drive and to identify IDs for SCSI drive. For example, Figure 2 shows jumper blocks for an HDD with IDE interface. HDDs with SCSI or other interface have similar jumper blocks. HDD self data erase mode can be assigned to one of unused jumper pin combinations. User can set the target HDD to self data erase mode with this simple jumper pin setting by attaching jumper stubs to the specified locations. After the jumper pin setting, power is supplied to HDD to start self data erase.

There are two kinds of information which HDD has to show. First, HDD sh...