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Ellipsis Component as a Table Cell Renderer and Editor

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016335D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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Problem Direct editing of a value in a table cell is nice for a user, but is feasible only if the value is a short textual value, a Boolean value, or selection from a list of values. For these, tables use text field, check box, and combo box editors, and the usual practice is to render the table cell with the editing component. However, when a more complex value is represented in the cell, such as a date, time, directory, file, or binary value, the value may not be directly editable, or editing may require knowledge of syntax and existing values that a related dialog could present and let you edit more simply. Solution The ellipsis component combines a text field and a button with three dots on it. The three dots represent the fact that when the button is clicked on, a dialog appears that presents the value that is represented in the text field. The ellipsis is similar in concept to the three dots that appear after a menu item to signify that the menu action will display a dialog. The ellipsis button displays an ellipsis dialog. The text field may be editable or non-editable; even if it is not editable, the ellipsis dialog may let you edit the value and may represent the value in any way. A date value may be represented and edited as calendar object, or separate fields for day, month, and year. A binary value may be represented and edited as a hexadecimal string in a wrapping text window, or as an image or an audio or video clip. A file may be represented and edited as a directory or file chooser. Rich text HTML text may be edited with a full editor or HTML composer. The present invention covers the use or an ellipsis component as a table cell render and editor. 1 When used as a table cell renderer or editor, the ellipsis component: