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A Method and System for Claiming Labor via Voice Response System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016392D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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The invention disclosed below is a new method for claiming labor hours worked via application of speech technology. Employees of many companies must record their time and activities into some sort of tracking payroll system, and as most time reporting applications are strictly numeric alphanumeric in nature, application of a voice-enabled system for these ends is an evolutionary step forward to simplify the task for the employee. The methodology described below would allow the employee to record all information necessary to process payroll billing data for daily weekly activities using nothing more than a telephone. The underlying mechanism for this invention is the Voice Response Unit, (VRU), which is not new technology; however, this unique application of VRU technology to make time activity reporting more efficient is a novel use of this existing technology. Several implementation possibilities could exist within the context of each VRU menu, so this invention will describe the overall process involved in such a reporting system and denote the preferred, but not the only, implementation method(s). The innovation below provides a way around the challenges of labor reporting. Voice response units are in widespread use today, and this novel application of VRU technology would provide for additional convenience and efficiency to the employee. Many busy professionals spend a lot of time in their vehicle, and this system would allow this otherwise unproductive time to be utilized for submitting payroll accounting activity data. A sample methodology for time recording system follows: 01. User dials phone number for time recording system