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Light pen to use with a transparent electro-luminiscent display Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016405D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21

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The present system relates to a new computer interface to use in combination with a physical document. The computer interface comprises a transparent electro-luminiscent display and a a light pen. The electro-luminiscent display illuminates or highlights over the physical document, a plurality of preselected printed items (e.g., words, pictures, logos). When the user chooses with the light pen, an highlighted item on the physical document, a specific action (e.g., selections of menu items, phone calls, hyperlink activation) associated with this chosen item is triggered on a computer system. The system is based on the observation that, for selecting one among a plurality of graphic items (e.g., words, icons, marks, menu entries, buttons) printed or engraved on a page of a physical document that are illuminated by light spots emitted by a transparent light emitting foil, it is not necessary to detect the coordinates of a point selected by the user in the vicinity of the corresponding light spot to determine what item is selected by the user. The present system uses a transparent light-emitting display (opto foil) for sequentially and cyclically illuminating the positions of preselected items and uses a light sensing device to choose an item among the sequentially and cyclically illuminated items and to detect the instant at which light is detected on the position of said chosen item. The system operates as follows :